Aside from always investing in the latest CNC machining and inspection technology, our machines are nothing without our skilled and dedicated workforce. We currently employ 14 skilled machinists, working 2 shifts with a total of 550 hours labour per week.


CNC Milling Capacity

1 x DMG CMX 50U

Max. X travels: 500mm , Max. Y travels: 450mm , Max. Z travels: 400mm , Max. Table load: 200kg , Table diameter: 630kg

Complete machining of complex parts. 30-pocket tool magazine in standard with quick tool change within 2.7s. Highest precision accuracy thanks to direct measuring system

1 x DMU 50

Max. X-Axis: 500mm , Max. Y-Axis: 450mm , Max. Z-Axis: 400mm , Max. workpiece diameter: 630mm , Max. workpiece height: 500mm , Max. workpiece weight: 300kg

1 x Hardinge Bridgeport VMC GX 1000B

Length: 1000mm , Width: 600mm

2 x Hardinge Bridgeport VMC GX600

Length: 600mm , Width: 500mm

1 x Cincinatti CFV1050I

Length: 1050mm , Width: 600mm

1 x Hartford HCMC 1370 including 4th Axis

Length: 1370mm , Width: 600mm

CNC Turning Capacity

Samsung SL 2500BSY

1 x Samsung SL 2500BSY

Diameter: 360mm , Length: 1000mm

Sub spindle C & Y axis Turning centre. Control system Siemens 828D PPU 290 with 15" screen. Slant bed boxway construction on all Axes.

1 x Hyundia SKT28 (Live tooling & bar feed)

Diameter: 300mm , Length: 1000mm

1 x Hyundai KIA L210A with bar feed

Diameter: 350mm , Length: 500mm

1 x XYZ Proturn SLX 355

Diameter: 400mm , Length: 1250mm

1 x Hyundia Hit 20 with live tooling

Diameter: 300mm , Length: 500mm

1 x Hyundai Hit 18-S

Diameter: 300mm , Length: 500mm

1 x Colchester electronic

Diameter : 350mm , Length: 1000mm


ISO 9001:2015

1 x Keyence IM-7030T

Receiver Lens: Double telecentric lens , Wide-field Measurement: 300 mm × 200 mm , High-precision Measurement: 225 × 125 mm

Inspection equipment calibrated to British standard requirements. Certificates of conformance supplied and sample inspection reports completed if required.

Conventional Milling

1 x KRV 3000 CNC

Length : 1000mm , Width: 500mm

1 x XYZ SMX3 3500

Length : 770mm , Width: 500mm


Length : 770mm , Width: 500mm

Conventional Turning

1 x Colchester Mastiffe Centre Lathe with DRO

Diameter: 650mm , Length: 3000mm

1 x Harrison centre Lathe with DRO

Diameter: 400mm , Length: 1500mm

1 x Harrison V450 Centre Lathe with Dro

Diameter: 1500mm , Length: 1500mm

Other Facilities

2 x Bench Drilling Machines

1 x XYZ Tapping Machine

1 x Bead blasting machine

1 x AJH Linisher

1 x Vanco Linisher

1 x Kasto saw

1 x Polisher Vic

MIG & TIG Welding